Given we spend so much of our lives asleep, why do so many people end up having to settle for sub-par pillows? And why is it so hard to find the “right” one?

While on a work trip, Andrew (co-founder) woke up in a 5-star hotel bed and realized that he had just had one of the best sleeps of his life. Why? The pillow. It was made of down and feathers, and it felt luxurious – substantial, but with the appropriate amount of give. This wasn’t a generic pillow off Amazon – this one felt much more premium. So, Andrew pulled out the pillow tag, searched on his phone and was delighted to find that the pillow was sold online, direct from the hotel chain… but for $100 and an extra $15 for shipping? Seriously? And so, with the goal of recreating that same blissful night of sleep, FluffCo was born.


Ridiculously comfortable pillows, inspired by luxury 5-star hotels, direct from the manufacturer, for 50% of the cost.

  • $65 FluffCo
  • $115 Ritz Carlton
  • $150 Four Seasons

Pillows sustainably sourced with integrity. All pillows feature Tencel, a Eucalyptus-based material sustainably sourced with natural cooling effects. All Down & Feather pillows are sourced within the “Responsible Down Standard”, the industry-leading global, independent standard that aims to ensure that animals are treated humanely during the pillow-making process. All Down Alternative pillows are 100% vegan, made from only microfiber materials.


At FluffCo, we regularly donate and support homeless shelters through product donations of pillows, sheets, duvets, and other basic bedding essentials. We partner with support networks in the Los Angeles area and make donations on a quarterly basis to those most in need.

We commit to doing our part in our community and will continue to build out this aspect of our business as we grow.

More information coming soon.


  • Where do you offer shipping?

    We offer free shipping anywhere in the US.

  • How does the 30-day trial work?

    If you have any issues whatsoever with our product, you have 30 nights from the time the order was placed to return the product. Please email us at to start the process.

  • How can I return or exchange my product?

    You can return or replace your product for any reason within 30 days. Please email us at to start the process. Once your return is received we will process the return to the card provided within 3-5 business days.

  • How can I change or cancel an order?

    Please try and contact us within 1 hour of your purchase and we will do our best to cancel or change the order. Email us at

  • Are the Down & Feather pillows machine washable?

    We do not recommend machine washing our Down & Feather pillows. For spills and stains spot clean with stain remover. For larger stains, the Down Pillows can be dry cleaned. Do not wash in your home washer and dryer. Leaving the Down & Feather pillows in the sun on a dry day can also help refreshen your pillow. In the case where you must wash the pillow, use a commercial washer and dryer. Machine wash warm and tumble dry thoroughly on low.

  • Are the Down Alternative pillows machine washable?

    Yes! Our Down Alternative pillows are machine washable. Machine wash cold with a gentle detergent. Tumble dry thoroughly on low with a few tennis or dryer balls.

  • What is the best way to fluff your pillow when it arrives?

    After receiving the pillow, put in a dryer on a low heat setting with a few tennis balls or dryer balls and a damp wash cloth. Add a dryer sheet for freshness and let it run for 10-15 minutes.

  • Additional Questions?

    Contact us at