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Our Pricing Model

Same materials and manufacturers, without the ridiculous mark-up. We take pride in providing a new kind of supplier-direct pricing model.


Have you ever slipped into a hotel robe or slept on a hotel pillow and wanted to buy it for yourself, only to discover that it’s outrageously expensive? Well, you're not alone. FluffCo began because our co-founder, Andrew, had that exact experience. He had the best sleep of his life at a 5-star hotel on their pillows and was compelled to buy the pillow for his home. But when he went down to the gift shop he found the pillow on display for an outrageously expensive price. In doing a little bit of research, he dug up the exact pillow manufacturer and was able to find the true cost of the product, only to discover that the retail margin charged by the hotel was... a lot. It was at that exact moment that FluffCo was born. 

Our products are the same hotel products you've come to know, just with a lower retail margin. Yes, the same materials and manufacturers, without the ridiculous mark-up. Through direct overseas manufacturing and an internal sourcing team, we provide the same service but don't have the obligation of a large hotel brand to charge a large mark-up. The result? Hotel products, for less.