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Sleep Positions

Have you ever needed to use two pillows to sleep, or put a pillow between your legs? That means you've been sleeping with the wrong pillow. It's not subjective, it's science. How you sleep says a lot about you – or more importantly, what your body needs for a good night’s rest. 

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A whopping 74% of people are side sleepers

– imagine that! What’s important for them is to fill the gap between the shoulders and neck, as seen below. This means a firm pillow is necessary for better alignment, and comfort for sleeping.

Next up are stomach sleepers, with 16% of people snoozing on their stomachs. Although doctors don’t recommend sleeping on your stomach, because of the undue strain it puts on your neck and back, they do recommend a soft pillow to align your spine, if you must.

Last but not least, 10% of people sleep on their back. Along with stomach sleepers, it’s also recommended that they use a soft pillow for proper spine alignment.

But no matter what pillow you get, it’s important to swap your pillow out every 1-2 years for optimal support for every snooze.

Now that we’ve talked about right pillows for sleep positions, are you ready to find yours? 

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