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How Does It Work?

It’s hard to find a good, quality pillow – one that makes you feel like you’re sleeping in a hotel, without the hotel price. We spent hours looking online, in Bed Bath Beyond and even Ikea, but could not find the right one. This is when we decided to start our own pillow company. So here’s the lowdown: hotels use specific manufacturers to make their pillows, and we tapped them to make ours, too.

With FluffCo pillows, you get the same hotel pillows you find in 5-Star hotels (the ones that charge you $500+ a night!). The ones with high thread count fabric, down and feather cores, and pillow protector – but at a fraction of the price. If you don’t believe us, we’ve got a trusty chart to convince you otherwise.

Our pillow has the soft, fluffy cushion and core support for the sweet dreams you’ve been, um, dreaming of. Plus, it’s even made of Tencel®, for the breathable, cool side of the pillow feeling every time you sleep.

Best of all, you can try our pillow for 30 days for a full refund – so you won’t lose a wink of sleep. Just think: the next time you want hotel quality-sleep, are you going for the pillow that broke the bank and made you lose sleep – or the one that helped you get it?

After all, there’s a reason we were voted Best Overall Pillow of 2021 by Apartment Therapy, Best Pillow of 2021 by Men’s Health, and racked up a ton of other awards. Don’t miss out on the pillow that’ll make you want to put your phone down before bed.