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The 'Hotel' Pillow

The premium hotel experience is always so refined: with A+ amenities, and extra soft pillows. The thing is, it’s always been hard to recreate that comfy experience at home. But, it's for a reason.

The hotel industry has spent millions figuring out what the best pillow is for a good night’s rest, and they have it down to a science. The key is a soft, cushy outerpart, with a supportive cushion at its core. But why doesn't anyone know this? And why is it impossible to buy these pillows on the market for less than $150?

This is the bedding industry's best kept secret. Once we found this out, we got inspired to make our own, keeping up the high quality, but not fluffing up the price tag. It's how we made the Down & Feather pillow, which has the same hotel-like feel you're familiar with (and at a price you'll love).

The results? Our hotel pillow was voted Best Overall Pillow of 2021 by Apartment Therapy, Best Pillow of 2021 by Men's Health, and has racked up a ton of other awards.

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