Picking a Pillow


Side sleeper? Stomach sleeper? Back sleeper? Fall asleep one way and wake up another? How ever you sleep, doctors and sleep specialists agree that the key to getting a good night’s sleep is aligning your spine from top to bottom. So, it’s important to find the right pillow to match your sleep style.

Step one: Take our quiz to find out. 

Step two: Read up on your answers below:

Side sleeper? 74% of people sleep on their side, making it the most popular sleeping style! Side sleepers need a high loft pillow to fill the gap between the neck and shoulder. We also recommend getting a firm pillow which keeps that supportive high lofted shape.

Stomach sleeper? 16% of sleepers sleep on their stomachs and we’re sorry to say that this is a tough position to get reliable sleep. This sleep style puts stress on the lower spine and neck, in addition to being associated with other health issues. For stomach sleepers we recommend a very flat or low loft pillow that is soft.  

Back sleeper? The smallest share of sleepers sleep on their back, only 10% of people. To align the spine while sleeping on your back, a pillow with a low to medium loft will keep your neck supported and in a neutral position.  

Mixed sleeper? Many side sleepers rotate onto their backs or onto their stomachs while they sleep. For combination sleepers a medium loft soft pillow will give you the best support for a few positions. Or, a high loft soft pillow can better support you while sleeping on your side.  

For those unique pillow stackers, don’t worry, we see you. Did you know that stacking pillows can alleviate acid reflux and curb snoring, as well? If you do stack, best to try stacking soft pillows over firm.

Questions? Shoot us a note at hello@fluff.co and Andrew, our resident sleep experts, will chime in! 

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