Intro: Down & Feather


Down & Feather pillows soften with use and age, that’s why they’re a staple in hotels around the world. The more you wear the pillows in, the better they get, like your favorite pair of shoes. However, hotels also do a few things to ensure they’re getting the best out of their Down & Feather pillows that you might not be doing at home. Here are a few ways to recreate the high-end hotel pillow feeling at home.

First, break that pillow in before it goes under your head. Put the pillow in the dryer (on low) for 10-15 minutes with three dryer balls (or clean tennis balls), a wet washcloth, and some dryer sheets (to keep it fresh). The dryer will do the work for you, softening up that pillow to perfection! The more you repeat this process, the fluffier and loftier the pillow will become. You won’t need to make this a routine, just as often as you prefer.

Next, keep fluffing your Down & Feather pillow. Introducing air back into the pillow brings back the pillow’s loft. So, when you make your bed in the morning just take a few seconds to pull the pillow in and out like an accordion, both the long and short way. You can even massage it for some extra loft.

Lastly, you may also consider getting a pillow protector for your pillow. A pillow protector will help maintain your pillow’s shape, and it will keep the pillow clean and fresh. Hotels obviously use these to minimize wear and tear on their high usage pillows, but you can certainly use them, too! You worked hard to break that pillow in just the way you like it, why not keep it clean and protected?

With these couple of tricks you’ll sleep like you’re in a high-end hotel while in the comfort of your own home.

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