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Hotel-Quality Comforters: A Buyer's Guide

Fact: Hotels have the best comforters. They’re fluffy and luxurious, and they make going to sleep seem like an indulgence. Another fact: Hotel-quality comforters aren’t just for hotels!

Fact: Hotels have the best comforters. They’re fluffy and luxurious, and they make going to sleep seem like an indulgence. Another fact: Hotel-quality comforters aren’t just for hotels! You can buy the same high-quality comforters to recreate the hotel experience in your own home.

To help you find the best hotel-quality comforter for your home, we’ll guide you through the types of comforters hotels use, what makes them so fluffy, and how to shop for them.

  • What Kind of Comforters Do Hotels Use?
  • Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy?
  • How to Shop for Hotel Quality Comforters 

Hotel-Quality Comforters: What You Need to Know

Buying a hotel-quality comforter is a great investment in your comfort and quality of sleep. To ensure you find the perfect option, we’ll answer some common questions shoppers have about buying hotel-quality comforters.

What Kind of Comforters Do Hotels Use?

Before we dive into what kind of comforters hotels use, let’s clarify what a comforter is exactly. Comforters differ from traditional blankets because they are filled with material such as down or down alternative. Comforters are categorized by their weight, which is the measure of the fluffiness of the filling. The higher the weight, the fluffier and warmer the comforter. 

Hotel comforters have to be both comfortable and durable, which is why they’re almost always made from either down or down alternative. These two options provide that wrapped-in-a-cloud feeling that guests expect from a hotel comforter. They’re also easy to clean and resist wear and tear. Other fillers such as cotton don’t provide the level of quality guests want or the durability hotels need. 

Hotels often choose comforters with a light weight — in the 30 to 35 ounce range. This provides the perfect level of warmth for year-round use. For personal use, consider your local climate and how warm you like to be at night. If you live somewhere hot or you prefer to be cooler at night, choose a loft under 40 ounces. For the other end of the spectrum, a loft between 45 and 55 ounces will keep you nice and toasty no matter how cold the weather gets.

Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy?

The fluffiness of hotel comforters comes from the material, amount of filler, and the way it’s constructed. Hotels want fluffy comforters that are extremely comfortable, easy to clean, and long lasting. To meet these needs, most quality hotels have learned to look for a specific set of criteria for comforters. The comforter must have baffle boxes, be made of down or down alternative, and have medium loft. Here’s why:

  • Baffle Boxes are a critical feature in hotel-quality comforters. These are squares that are sewn into the blanket to keep the stuffing in place. Baffle boxes greatly extend the life of a comforter by ensuring the blanket doesn’t become flat in some areas and lumpy in others.
  • Down is the fluffy undercoat of a bird, gives the comforter its pleasing softness and luxuriant feel. It’s extremely durable  and provides excellent temperature regulation.
  • Down Alternative is a blend of different fibers that’s made to replicate the fluffiness of down. Down alternative is a durable material, though it’s not quite as wear-and-tear resistant  as true down. Many hotels favor down alternative because it’s a little less expensive and also hypoallergenic.
  • Lightweight is important for hotel-quality comforters because it lends a soft and fluffy feel while providing the right amount of warmth for year-round use.

Now that you know the type of comforters hotels use and what makes them so delightfully fluffy, it’s time to start shopping for your very own hotel-quality comforter. We have several tips below to help you select the perfect comforter to recreate the luxury hotel feel right in your bedroom.

How to Shop for Hotel-Quality Comforters

The material a comforter is made from holds the key to its level of quality, so it’s the most important factor to understand when comforter shopping. We’ve highlighted the pros and cons of some of the most common materials.

How to Choose Material for Hotel-Quality Comforters

The choice of comforter material is a personal decision. The descriptions below will help you identify which material best fits your needs.


Down is the undercoat of a duck or goose. It creates an exceptionally fluffy comforter, maintains a comfortable temperature, and lasts a long time. Retailers that produce the down comforters that hotels use are careful to clean their down to remove allergens, so even most allergy sufferers should be fine using down. However, if you’re concerned about potential allergy flare-ups, down alternative is a great replacement for true down.

Down Alternative

Down Alternative is made with a unique blend of fibers to mimic down’s fluffiness. This material is hypoallergenic and isn’t made from animal products, so it’s an excellent option for allergy sufferers and vegans. Down alternative isn’t quite as durable as down, but it compensates in this area by being a bit less expensive. 


Bamboo is an eco-friendly material for comforters that resists mold and mildew, is durable, and provides excellent temperature regulation. Sounds pretty perfect, right? Unfortunately, it requires the most gentle care of all the materials listed, which is why hotels don’t often choose bamboo comforters. If you’re up for maintaining it properly, bamboo is an excellent material for your new hotel-quality comforter.


Cotton-filled comforters are easy to clean and create a cooler comforter than down or down alternative. If you tend to get hot at night, a lightweight cotton comforter can keep you comfortable, cozy, and cool. While cotton comforters have their perks, it’s important to note that hotels don’t use this material in their comforters. It doesn’t provide that sought-after luxury feel and won’t last as long as the other materials on this list. 

What Type of Material is Best for a Comforter?

For a hotel-quality comforter, you want to look for a down or down alternative option. These are by far the most common materials used by hotels due to their low maintenance requirements, how well they hold up over time, and the high level of comfort they provide.

Find Your Perfect Hotel-Quality Comforter

Now that you know the ins and outs of comforter materials and what makes a comforter hotel quality, you’re ready to start shopping! Find the perfect, hotel-quality comforter for your home with FluffCo’s top-of-the-line hotel comforters. We offer a 30-day free trial to ensure you absolutely love your comforter.