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Pillowcases 101

We all crave that perfectly-filled hotel pillow found at the best hotels in the world like the Four Seasons and Ritz-Carltons. Well now, you can get the same plush pillows at half the price with FluffCo.


You may be surprised to find out that the way you’ve been changing your pillowcase is all wrong. You know the way — the pillow is clenched under your chin while you struggle to jam the stuffing with your fingers, all the while trying to shimmy the pillowcase up the pillow. 

Luckily, the days of chin clenching are over thanks to the professionals on hotel cleaning staffs. Hotel cleaning pros have changed enough pillows to develop the “hotel-style” of efficiently swapping a pillowcase. In three easy steps, you can change your pillowcase just like them!

  1. First, give the pillow a nice karate chop down the middle of the pillow— make sure to do this the long way.

  2. Then, fold your pillow like a hot dog bun, hold it shut, and slip it inside the pillowcase.

  3. Finally, once inserted, flatten out the pillow inside.

And you’re done! You’ve changed your pillow like a pro ;) When it comes to hotel-level comfort at home, be sure to come back and check us out as we continue to roll out more products and information.